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5 One-Minute Stretches To Energize You Throughout the Day—and Help You Sleep at Night

Writer: MARY GRACE GARIS | Outlet: Well and Good

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Many of us are spending more time at home than ever during the pandemic, and we’re also moving quite a bit less than we did in our pre-pandemic lives. After all, there are fewer places to go, fewer things to do, and fewer people to see. Though we might be exerting less physical energy, many of us still feel physically exhausted. Despite that sense of tiredness, high-quality sleep feels is still very much out of reach for many. One reason why? Not moving an optimum amount during the day can result in feeling fatigued during the day and restless at night. Thankfully, one answer to this problem is simple (and doesn’t mean you need to take up marathon running on a whim). That is, in order to work some simple movement into your day, consider learning some easy stretches for better sleep.


“Maintaining a lifestyle that incorporates sufficient sleep and regular physical activity, including stretching, is essential for promoting physical health and emotional well-being,” says Teofilo L. Lee-Chiong Jr, MD, pulmonologist and chief medical liaison for sleep and respiratory care at Philips. “Regular exercise improves both subjective and objective measures of sleep, including sleep quality, sleep duration, and sleep continuity. It has been shown to alleviate sleep disturbance related to insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea.”


5 lightning-fast stretches for better sleep to weave into your day

  1. Chest Opener
  2. Yogic Stretches
  3. Child's Pose with shoulder flexion
  4. Full-Body Stretch Routine
  5. Neck Circles