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7 Butt Stretches To Do After You've Been Sitting For Too Long

Writer: KATHLEEN FERRARO | Outlet: Bustle

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Ever since quarantine began, the world has been doing a lot of sitting. Between a year of commuting between your desk chair to the couch and then bed, you can say the glutes have been through quite the wringer. This is why it’s important to move through some butt stretches to revive the stiffness that comes from sitting for long periods of time.


Think about it this way: When you sit, the muscles in the front of your body (like your hip flexors) shorten so your legs can bend. As that’s happening, the muscles in the back of your body (like your glutes) get longer as you hunch forward. Spending numerous hours in that position can leave your muscles tight and weak from chronic under- and over-stretching, a kind of inactivity which Lauren Wellinger, certified trainer and Brrrn At-Home instructor, says can cause atrophy over time.


Besides causing body aches and stiffness, not stretching your glutes can also be the sneaky culprit behind lower back pain: the imbalance of your muscles causes your weakened body parts to tug on nearby muscles in your legs, pelvis, and back to compensate.


The solution? “Use it or lose it,” Wellinger tells Bustle. Reawakening your glutes with movement and activity can help keep them strong and limber and counteract some of those WFH aches. Giving some love to the surrounding areas, like your hip flexors, hamstrings, and quads, will also keep your keep your lower-body muscles in balance so your legs feel their best. As an added bonus, regular stretching can also boost circulation, which research shows can help reduce blood pressureimprove your mood, and help you think clearly.


  1. Downward Dog
  2. Figure 4
  3. Pigeon Pose
  4. 90/90 Hip Stretch
  5. Butterfly Reach
  6. Child's Pose
  7. Kneeling Lunge to Half Splits