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9 stretches that will ease your pandemic body aches, from back pain to couch butt

Writer: ANDREA MICHELSON | Outlet: Insider

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From backaches to couch butt, your body might be feeling the effects of a year of mostly sedentary living.


It's not surprising that people who started working from home during the pandemic may be dealing with some new aches and pains, Roger Frampton, a movement coach based in the UK, told Insider. We're moving a lot less than we used to, and even the smallest movements count.


"It's just that lack of movement — that little walk out the door, the rushing around the house, changing of clothes and stuff like that, which we don't need to do as much these days," Frampton said. "You could literally roll out of bed and, within minutes, you've got a coffee in your hand and you're staring at a screen."


Such a static lifestyle isn't natural, Frampton said. Your body is built to move, and simply getting up and walking around the room might help bring some blood flow to your idle muscles. But for other aches, targeted stretching may be more effective.

You can bring some blood flow to your lower back while sitting at your desk

Both Frampton and Vanessa Chu, co-founder of Stretch*d, said back pain is one of the most common complaints they've heard from clients during the pandemic.


Lower back pain can stem from lack of blood flow to the area, Chu said. Just like you might wake up feeling stiff because your body hasn't moved for hours, she said sitting in a desk chair all day can be "a total doozy for your body" — so getting up and walking around can help.


Chu also suggested some stretches you can do while sitting in a chair or on the edge of your bed. Start by sitting with your feet planted on the floor about hip distance apart.

  1. The twist n dipper
  2. the twisted triangle
  3. the no and maybe stretches
  4. the gloating glutes stretch