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Best Hip Flexor Stretches and Strengthening Moves

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Hip flexors. These hardworking muscles are crucial in foundational movements such as sitting, standing, walking and running — they act as a bridge connecting your torso to your lower body. Some muscles in this group can be notoriously weak or tight and those of you who have ever had issues with this part of your body will know the uncomfortable pain of either all too well.  There’s a lot of debate in the world of sports science over how much you should strengthen and stretch your hip flexors — we’ll explain.


What are hip flexors?


A flexor is a muscle that flexes a joint. The hip flexors are a group of muscles that flex the hip joint. These muscles are grouped into different areas — the inner hip, the anterior compartment of the thigh, the glutes and the medial compartment of the thigh.


Hip flexor stretches


If you’ve ascertained that your hip flexor muscles are tight, we’ve got some stretches just for you. Hold each of these stretches for about 10 deep breaths (20 seconds) before releasing or switching sides.


Kneeling hip flexor stretch


Come into a lunge position with the right foot forward. Position the right knee over the right ankle and place your left knee on the floor. Bring both hands just above the right knee and maintain a straight spine as you move forward slightly with the right knee. Squeeze your glute muscles and breathe into the left hip flexors. Switch sides.


Standing hip flexor stretch (quad stretch)


Stand tall with your hips square and bend your right knee, bringing your foot towards your bum. Grab the right foot with your right hand and actively pull the foot closer to your glutes. As you do this, send the right knee down towards the ground and keep both knees together. squeeze your butt to promote a posterior pelvic tilt and hold — then switch sides.


Hip flexor strengthening exercises


Now for some strengthening movements! Add these exercises to your workout routine, especially if you run or cycle often.


Lunge with knee drive


Come into a lunge with your right foot forward, then drive down through your right foot as your stand and lift your knee up into your chest. Repeat this movement 10 times before switching sides.


Many athletes underestimate the importance of hip flexor stretches. The My Stretch Bar is the perfect stretching machine that allows you to do these stretches from the seated position.