Pre-Yoga Class Stretches to Prevent Injuries

Writer: LAUREN PARDEEOutlet: PopSugar
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The average yoga class runs about 60 minutes — but is that really enough time to fully reap the benefits of your practice?

"In the not-too-distant past, yoga classes were commonly scheduled for 75 or 90 minutes," Tom Johnson, a certified yoga teacher with Enjoy Community Wellness, told POPSUGAR.

Due to the demanding schedules of busy practicers, condensing classes to an hour has become the new normal, resulting in a shortened warmup.

While this may benefit our agendas, it can be of a disservice to our bodies. Johnson admits that warming up both the body and mind not only reduces the risk of injury, but prepares students to practice more complex postures.

Instead of letting your hectic routine get the best of you, take full advantage of your allotted yoga time with Johnson's pre-class flow — your muscles, joints, and mind will thank you.