Sculpt Your Back Muscles With These 6 Halle Berry-Approved Strength Exercises

Writer: TAMARA PRIDGETT | Outlet: PopSugar

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Not going to lie, I've taken a much-needed workout break — but Halle Berry has me ready to jump back in the game with her most recent Fitness Friday post. I always feel like she's speaking to me (because in my head we're fitness besties) but I really felt like today's post was dedicated to me.


"With so many of us sitting in front of a computer all day or looking down at our phones, developing good posture can be so, so important," she said in her Instagram caption. I hear you and I promise to do better, Halle! She also mentioned that focusing on your upper-body strength can help prevent back pain, and who doesn't want to avoid that?! If you're looking for some new arm and back exercises to weave into your workouts, give these six Halle Berry-approved moves a shot.