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So, What’s the Deal with Being Able to Touch Your Toes?

Can you touch your toes? It sounds silly, but yet most of us can’t do it. It’s the new year and almost all of us have the goal to make more time for exercise. 

An important part of exercising is obviously stretching, which as we all should know has so many benefits! So where does this all tie in with whether or not you can touch your toes? The simple assessment of being able to touch your toes is pretty important because it correlates to our hamstring flexibility. For example, if you want to start deadlifting you need to be able to properly touch your toes or you will not be able to lift properly.

The MyStretchBar makes it much easier to touch your toes. All you have to do is stand over your MyStretchBar™ with the 90-degree side facing toward the front. Next you will move the slidable grip to the end of the bar, and then slowly reach down to the bottom of the bar. Your MyStretchBar will make this simple, yet challenging stretch a million times easier!

Every year we all make resolutions with the intention of losing 20 pounds or going to the gym every day. Most of the time we fall off the bandwagon within a month. Our suggestion is to start out small and make attainable goals, such as stretching before or after every workout. A goal that will be more attainable with the use of The My Stretch Bar.