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The 5 Best Posture Exercises To Help Ease Back Pain

Writer:SHANE MCLEAN | Outlet: BarBend

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People spend a lot of time hunched over. A study published in JAMA surveyed 6,000 people and a quarter of them reported sitting for more than eight hours a day. (1) And all that sitting can wreak havoc on your posture, causing lower back pain. (2) In the gym, poor posture can lead to a reduced range of motion and poor form on moves like the back squat and bench press. 


In addition to standing more and taking frequent walks throughout the day, you can improve your posture and hopefully relieve back pain by focusing on a select few exercises. The posture exercises on this list will strengthen your shoulders, traps, and spinal erectors, which all play a role in stabilizing your spine and keeping you upright. 

The Best Posture Exercises