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The Best Stretches to Do After a Run, According to a Physical Therapist

Writer: REBECCA PARSONS | Outlet: Men's Journal

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If you run regularly, you’re no stranger to tight, sore muscles and the occasional injury. In addition to regular strength training coupled with proper nutrition and sleep, the right stretches after a run can help your muscles cool down and get ready for your next workout.


Despite popular belief, there isn’t a lot of research that supports stretching before a run, according to physical therapist Corey Rovzar, Ph.D. In some cases, it can actually impact performance.


“Stretching after a run is great, though, because you’ve already put in those miles and it’s more of a recovery,” says Rovzar. “It should always be done gently. Just a nice, light stretch that should feel good and help assist those muscles as they cool down a bit.”


Here are Rovzar’s favorite post-run stretches, with finer points on how to maximize each.

  1. Kneeling Hip Flexor
  2. Thread the Needle
  3. Seated Hamstring Stretch
  4. Quad Stretch
  5. Calf Stretch
  6. Seated Hip & IT Band Stretch
  7. Pigeon Stretch