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These Are The Best Yoga Stretches To Do Each Morning

Writer: MADELINE HOWARD | Outlet: Women's Health

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Morning yoga stretches? They're a good-feeling alternative (or addition!) to that first cup of joe, and you don't need mush space to get 'em done. (Picture this: you roll out of bed and do them right on your floor or rug.) If you've never tried morning stretches before, no worries. We've rounded up the best morning yoga stretches, all according to experts, so you're totally covered. And if you're already stretching on the reg? Stay for the inspo. You could always use some new morning moves!


To start, let's discuss exactly *why* stretching first thing can be so great for your bod. "Starting your day with a good stretch is a powerful choice for both your mind and body," explains Eve Lynn Chrust, CPT, RYT, a yoga instructor at Obé Fitness. "Softening some of the kinks from sleep and getting the blood flowing allows you to start your day feeling open both physically and energetically." You're not only taking a moment to breathe purposefully and set an intention for your day, but you're actually oxygenating your muscles, too, which is a major game-changer, Chrust adds.


"There is a synergy to morning movement and yoga flow for me. It's soft on the body, makes space from the inside out, and just feels kind on crinkly muscles after a night's sleep," she explains. Looking to get all those ~warm and fuzzy~ feels when you wake up, too? Great. Keep reading for the seven best morning stretches to do each a.m. Your sore bod will thank you!

  1. Cat Cow Pose
  2. thread The Needle
  3. Downward Facing Dog
  4. Forward Fold
  5. Three-Legged Dog
  6. Child's Pose, Wide Knee
  7. Low Lunge