This 15-Minute Lower Back Stretch Is the Next Best Thing to a Massage

Writer: ERIN BUNCH | Outlet: Well and Good

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If you’re one of the millions of people who experience lower back pain, you know it can be debilitating, even if (and sometimes, especially!) your job simply requires working in front of a computer screen. To help avoid injury and alleviate discomfort and even pain, BK yoga club founders Paris Alexandra and Alicia Ferguson created a yoga flow specifically designed to stretch the lower back, which you can join in on via the latest episode of Good Moves.


Alexandra leads the flow—which simply requires a yoga mat and an optional block, should you desire it—as Ferguson demos various modifications. It’s a gentle routine, throughout which Alexandra encourages you to honor your body and do “what makes sense” for you specifically.


She also proposes reveling in the moments of the flow in which you’re not moving. “Sometimes the world around us may be noisy but regardless, this is an opportunity to meet ourselves on our mat,” she says. “Even with the noise and all of that, you get to still find stillness.”


If your back is screaming in agony, it can be especially difficult to access that quietude, which is why incorporating this flow into your weekly wellness routine might help save not just your mobility, but your sanity as well. We all know the latter—and if we have to sit here at home much longer, the former, too—is in short supply these days, so anything you can do to aid in its preservation is advisable. And since this routine is just about 13 minutes long, it makes for the perfect way to ease into a morning, wind down at the end of the day, warm up before a workout, or just go to as an anytime-of-day alternative to wondering if it’s safe to take another aspirin.