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Get Started Stretching with MYSTRETCHBAR

MYSTRETCHBAR allows you to execute 18 stretches from five positions including standing, sitting, laying, kneeling, and lunges.

Get Started with Mystretchbar

  1. Position the bar based on a stretch position. Use MYSTRETCHBAR on the floor for standing, kneeling, sitting, and for doing lunge stretches. You can move the hand grips to any position on the bar for comfort.
    Place your foot or feet on the T-bar for sitting and laying stretches. You can move the grips to any position, or use the foot grips on the T-bar for comfort.
  2. Reach down and grab the bar or use it to stabilize your foot or feet in position as seen below in the various stretching positions.
    If you are taller than 6 feet in height, use the 45 degree angle side for laying stretches as it will provide a longer control point. If you are shorter than 6ft, use the 90 degree side.
  3. Hold each stretch for 5-15 seconds. Breath consistently.
  4. Release and recoil slowly. Always stretch slowly

Execute 18 stretches within 5 minutes. If you feel pain during stretching, stop immediately, recoil slowly, and consult your doctor or trainer.

Start stretching now.
Pick a stretch

Execute 18 stretches within 5 minutes. If you feel pain during stretching, stop immediately, recoil slowly, and consult your doctor or trainer.

You can stretch from these five positions with MYSTRETCHBAR
standing, sitting, laying, kneeling or lunge.


 Standing stretches with Mystretchbar

Standing Stretches

Mystretchbar Laying stretches

Laying Stretches


MYSTRETCHBAR Seated stretches

Seated Stretches

  Mystetchbar Arch Stretch

Kneeling Stretches


Lunge Stretches

Learn why you need to use MYSTRETCHBAR everyday for muscle remodeling if want to be more flexible and perform better in all physical activities.

Physical therapists commenting on stretching as well as Scientific studies have shown regular stretching routines enable the body’s muscle remodeling response, which optimizes the body’s reaction to exercise. By stretching routinely, our bodies adapt to activity by changing muscle structure, metabolism, and physiology. Stretching has been shown in studies to provide connective tissue strengthening, range of motion improvement, joint alignment, and improved blood flow. This means muscle recovery after exercise shortens with regular stretching because muscles have been “remodeled” to adapt more easily to the stress of activity on a regular basis. That is why elite athletes are less prone to soreness, because they muscles are conditioned for extensions, retractions, and explosive motions due to constant training. The reasoning here is that everyone needs to stretch...see the American Council on Exercise's 10 reasons why you should stretch....MYSTRETCHBAR™ provides the benefits of muscle remodeling by helping you stretch quickly and easily everyday. Try it for increased flexibility and better range of motion.