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A design professor simplified stretching by using a Shape to help you Stretch.

A Problem for Design.

The problem with stretching is that it is difficult to balance and stabilize your body for control and increased elongations. Straps are clumsy and don't offer full body support, while assisted stretching is expensive with a trainer or requires a willing. knowledgeable partner. There is no good design, with adequate educational materials in easy to use stretching tools, until now.

Shape Stretch solves these problems with Bauhaus inspired design, by providing a revolutionary stretching and fitness device that is like having your own personal trainer for stretching. Utilizing patented geometric design, Shape Stretch provides stability and control for achieving 18+ stretches from five positions: sitting, standing, kneeling, laying, and lunging.

Shape Stretch is the heart of the ShapeStretch System - Complete with the Hanging Guide to Assisted Stretching, Personal stretching Routines plus 18 full body stretches that can be done in less than 10 minutes, includes video content and a learning library of curated content - with no subscription fee.

Shape Stretch is an essential tool for athletes, fitness folks, and therapeutic stretchers. So how was it born?

A teacher was sick of being sore.

Born in 2017, three years in development and issued a patent in 2020, Shape Stretch was made to help make stretching easy, more effective, and accessible to all people, regardless of location and physical limitations. Shape Stretch has a goal to revolutionize stretching for the masses through better design.

 " I set out to create a better tool for stretching. So I studied motions in fitness, athletics, and golf positions to understand how stretching is being done by trainers, athletes, and fitness coaches. After my research, I realized I could innovate a better solution for stretching that did not require a trainer – based on geometry and stability, rather than resistance. That's when I designed Shape Stretch"

Soreness stops you from doing the things you love — it really slows you down! I'm an educator and designer who is on his feet and very active with recreation, work, and family. By the time I reached my 40's, I seemed to be sore all the time. My legs and back ached after I played golf, tennis, basketball, walked the dog, played with the kids, or climbed stairs to get to my classes on campus — anytime I did some physical activities I was sore! I wanted and needed to be more flexible. And I wanted flexibility all the time, as a recovery remedy after I was already aching, and when I wanted to just feel better with everyday activities. I needed a tool for stretching anywhere that offered multiple stretches from various positions, that I could use within a few minutes. My goal was to stretch so that I could reprogram my muscles to be looser and flexible all the time, so soreness never has a chance to take hold.  

Flexibility contributes to feeling good and wellness.

You can have the benefits of flexibility with assisted stretching (increased blood flow, joint alignment, increased muscle performance) at the gym, on the field, at the golf course, while traveling, or at home - with Shape Stretch™, you can even stretch in bed or at the office from your desk chair. Flexible feels better, that's why Shape Stretch™ was invented.

"Shape Stretch was born out of pure necessity...I was sore all the time and I wanted to make stretching easier and be more flexible". - John DiMarco, Ph.D. - Inventor.

Made in the U.S.A. with High Quality Steel.

DiMarco with MyStretchBar

Working with a Team of Experts.

The Shape Stretch team includes management, distribution partners, medical products advisers, physical education educators, instructional designers, martial arts instructors, fitness trainers, coaches, and engineers. We do this to insure that we are bringing you the best personal stretching experience available.

John DiMarco, Ph.D.
Founder & President
Inventor & Designer

Expert Product Reviewers and Advisers

Dr. Raymond Bartolo, D.C. - Doctor of Chiropractic (ret), medical products - Owner of All American Medical Supply Corp.

Dr. Raymond Cecora, D.PT  - Doctor of Physical Therapy

Instructor Chris Lovarco - MMA, Karate, and Jujitsu

Instructor Danielle Lovarco - Fitness Instructor & yoga

Joseph Deal - Engineering consultant

Jill Deal - Fitness consultant

Ron Serrano - Physical education, Exercise Science

Kim DiMarco - Educational and instructional consultant