Back Pain Remedies: This Stretching Routine Can Be Completed In Just 5 Minutes-Try It Now!

Writer: GARIMA ARORA | Outlet: NDTV

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Back pain remedies: If you wake up in the morning with back pain, neck pain, muscle spasms or body stiffness, then a few stretching exercises can be of great help. People in desk jobs usually end up sitting for long periods of time. Sitting, which has been identified as the new smoking, can harm your health in several ways. It can slower your metabolism, compromise your posture and can make you have chronic back pain. For every 30 minutes of sitting, you must stand up, resting your weight equally on both feet, or do some activity for three minutes.


Stretching exercises to avoid long hours of sitting and prevent back pain


You can set reminders or alerts on your phone to remind you that its time to get up from that seat. Besides, there are several exercises that you can do during this time you take a break from sitting.


Another option to reduce body tightness caused by long hours of sitting are a few stretching exercises that you can begin your day with.


Talking about these exercises is fitness trainer Kayla Itsines on Instagram. "Do you ever wake up feeling sore and tight? If you spend a lot of your day sitting at a desk, having a good stretch routine can help prevent muscle tightness. This is the stretch routine that I do every day - it's only 5 minutes so I can easily squeeze it in," she writes in the caption of her post.