Light, Sleek, Strong

 SHAPE STRETCH is a patented, superior designed stretch out bar for athletes, working people, and seniors. Made of strong, lightweight carbon steel, SHAPE STRETCH weighs only 3 pounds and is 30 inches to help people of all ages and sizes.

Stretch from anywhere while laying, standing, sitting, kneeling, or lunging.

The SHAPE STRETCH PERSONAL STRETCHING SYSTEM includes our steel Stretch Bar plus educational materials, videos, and accessories. 

  • athletic stretching with ShapeStretch

The Shape Stretch Personal stretching System Includes:

  • Stretch Out Bar

    Our geometric, lightweight steel stretch out bar is the heart of the ShapeStretch System. It is a unique commercial quality stretch out bar with sleek steel geometric design that allows the ultimate stretching and yoga experience.

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  • Stretching Poster

    12 x 18 Poster, Videos, step by steps, and Customized Stretching Routines from our stretching and fitness team. The poster offers an 18 stretch routine that can be done is less than five minutes. Easy and safe, providing recovery and flexibility.

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  • Stretching Library

    Stretching library with content from the best fitness and wellness writers and trainers. Thoughtfully curated to help you stretch better. Always updated to give you new information and techniques in stretching.

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