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Light, Sleek, Strong

 SHAPE STRETCH is a patented, superior designed stretch out bar for athletes, working people, and seniors. Made of strong, lightweight carbon steel, SHAPE STRETCH weighs only 3 pounds and is 30 inches to help people of all ages and sizes.

Stretch from anywhere while laying, standing, sitting, kneeling, or lunging.

The SHAPE STRETCH PERSONAL STRETCHING SYSTEM includes our steel Stretch Bar plus educational materials, videos, and accessories. 


The Shape Stretch Personal stretching System Includes:

  • Stretch Out Bar

    Our geometric, lightweight steel stretch out bar is the heart of the ShapeStretch System. It is a unique commercial quality stretch out bar with sleek steel geometric design that allows the ultimate stretching and yoga experience.

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  • Stretching Routines

    Videos, step by steps, and Customized Stretching Routines from our stretching and fitness team. You'll have free access to videos, step by step tutorials, and cool content showing the best stretching techniques.

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  • Stretching Library

    Stretching library with content from the best fitness and wellness writers and trainers. Thoughtfully curated to help you stretch better. Always updated to give you new information and techniques in stretching.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shape Stretch?

The SHAPE STRETCH Bar is a sleek steel stretch out bar (3 lbs) for personal, passive (assisted) stretching. It works using geometric design to provide the most versatile and useful stretching equipment on the market.

The unique design benefits athletes, working people, and seniors by offering targeted flexibility exercises and routines that allow you stretch from sitting, standing, laying, kneeling, and lunge positions.

The SHAPE STRETCH PERSONAL STRETCHING SYSTEM includes at its core, the Shape Stretch out bar and also brings you accessories including laminated education cards with instructions and an exclusive personal stretching routine created based on your needs, redeemable anytime after purchase.

SHAPE STRETCH SYSTEM offers unlimited access to the online video and article library containing stretching routines and curated articles featuring the most recent information and science on stretching, flexibility, performance, and wellness.

How can ShapeStretch help me with wellness, recovery, and athletic performance?

The mission of SHAPE STRETCH  is to educate and help three distinct groups that need to stretch: athletes needing to stretch for performance and recovery, working people who are inflexible and want more range of motion, and seniors who need stretching for wellness and general health. Our content is focused on helping people gain knowledge and tools to help them achieve greater flexibility through stretching.

For athletes: we provide targeted techniques for stretching in your specific sport. For example, we can show you how to stretch like you swing in golf. Stretch to mirror sports positions in a wide range of sports and motion activities including walking, running, golf, tennis, football, baseball, hockey, soccer, martial arts, wrestling, and many more.

Why must I consult my trainer or doctor before starting a stretching routine?

Be careful when stretching! Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise regimen, therapeutic activities, and physical activity. This website and it's products make no claim to treat, cure, or resolve any physical or medical condition. Your doctor can tell if you are physically capable of participating in both exercise and stretching.

Ask your doctor or physical therapist first about stretching, before you start a routine.  Always consult a medical professional before utilizing any stretching exercises described in third party articles, videos, downloadable PDF's, or step by step instruction this website,

WARNING! Get your doctor's approval before starting a stretching routine -- especially if you are pregnant, elderly, or have any chronic or recurring muscle or joint pain. Discontinue any exercise that causes you pain or severe discomfort and consult a physician immediately.

How is ShapeStretch better than stretching straps and resistance bands?

ShapeStretch is different from every other stretching product on the market.
Superior Design...our geometric design is based on leverage, rather than resistance, which makes all positions easier and more effective.

Simple to use, with lots of learning tools for beginners and targeted routines for more experienced folks...ShapeStretch is the simplest way to stretch effectively without a partner because of the design and free dynamic content that help support you, without subscription fees.

Easy to clean and sanitize... It is made of steel and double powder coated, which makes it simple to clean with soap and water or sanitizing wipes. Straps and bands cost are made from porous materials like rubber and cloth that nurture germs and bacteria.

High quality & Affordable...For around $99, ShapeStretch is a better value than straps and bands because it will last for many, many years due to to superior steel construction. Straps and bands cost from $20-$150 will lose tension, fray, and slice after repeated use. They fall apart eventually.

Free learning content...always! High quality routines, exercises, articles, and videos to keep you motivated and stretching effectively.

What is included in the SHAPE STRETCH Personal Stretching System Box?

In the SHAPESTRETCH box, you get a complete stretching system that provides equipment, educational tools, and personal stretch routines.

1. Stretching Equipment (commercial grade)
You get our patented commercial-grade steel Stretch Out Bar - weighs less than 3 pounds and carries a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

2. Accessories & Carry Bag
You get four easy clean foam grips, the laminated hanging stretch card with 18 stretches that can be done in less than 10 minutes, a guide to assisted stretching and a ShapeStretch drawstring bag to carry your accessories.

3. Instructional & Educational Content 
You get motivated and learning with videos, exercise cards, and PDF E-Books. Learn about different types of stretching, flexibility, and recovery exercises, using both our assisted stretching tools and body only stretches. All learning content is free -- no costly subscriptions required, ever.

4. Custom, Personal Stretching Routines
You complete a short question form and we email or text back a custom stretching routine (PDF) based on a specific sport or a major muscle group. Free with your SHAPESTRETCH purchase.

Where is Shape Stretch made?

The ShapeStretch Bar and Personal Stretching System is made in the USA exclusively. Our factories use the highest ISO standards and employ technicians that are proud to manufacture steel products with the label - MADE IN THE USA.

Where can I buy Shape Stretch?

You can buy our products directly on our website. You can also buy our products in-store at All American Medical Supply in Massapequa, New York (Long Island), or buy directly from their website. There, you can try out the product and speak to staff about features and benefits that may fit your particular needs.

What is the cost for shipping?

The Shape Stretch Product System is factory wrapped and ship in a 30 x 20 x 12 protective box. Shipping cost is based on your location and is calculated at checkout. You have shipping options showing the lowest costs and the fastest turnarounds if you want your product sooner. All products ship out of Long Island, New York. Products may ship from either from All American Medical Supply, or be sent from our warehouse, both in Massapequa.

How do I get my customized personal stretching routine after purchase?

Your ShapeStretch Product includes one personalized stretching routine.

Created by InstantStretch software, your routine will be a complete five (5) exercise stretching routine with color photographs and detailed descriptions on how to stretch based on your specific needs. You'll get it with 24-48 hours sent to your email inbox or texted to your mobile device.

How it works...after your purchase of the ShapeStretch Personal Stretching System, you will receive an email with a link to a short one minute form to build your routine...

Questions are simple...
- Height, weight, and age
- Activity and fitness level
- Stretching goals: Are you stretching for a specific sport (golf, for example) or a major muscle group (lower back, for example).

Your survey reply is sent to our training team. They will generate a customized, personal stretching routine sent directly to you.

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