The Shape Stretch Bar & Flexibility System

Discover the power of the patented Shape Stretch Flexibility System, featuring the cutting-edge Shape Stretch Body Bar, a Large Stretching Routine Poster, and a library of online stretching routines for greater flexibility.

Our patented, scientifically tested lightweight design helps you perform a wide range of innovative stretching techniques for physical therapy, athletic training, fitness, golf, yoga, and overall wellness.

Shape Stretch is 100% American-made, premium quality, commercial stretching equipment.

Costs less than assisted stretching sessions and allows you to stretch at home, on the field, court, or office.

Features & Specifications


Stretch at Home

Achieve a complete stretching routine within the comfort of your own home using the Shape Stretch Bar and Exercise System. This innovative product allows you to stretch from five different positions: sitting, standing, laying, kneeling, and lunge. Whether you prefer stretching on the couch, floor, bed, chair, or lawn, the Shape Stretch Bar provides stability and alignment for precise muscle targeting.

Lightweight, slim, and portable with no setup, Shape Stretch is easy to use, clean, and store in any room in the house.



Athletic Training

The Shape Stretch System is an essential tool for athletes who want to optimize their performance by maintaining maximum flexibility. Our comprehensive learning materials provide sports-specific stretches that are unmatched in the market. Athletes can easily incorporate Shape Stretch into their routine, helping them avoid injuries and enhance their overall athletic ability. Stretch for baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, tennis, running, golf, and volleyball.

SHAPE STRETCH for Athletic Training


Physical Therapy

Shape Stretch has been highly recommended by Physical Therapy Doctors, Chiropractors, and PT Educators, who have rigorously tested and integrated this product into their physical therapy clinics. Their endorsement showcases the effectiveness and value of Shape Stretch in the field of physical therapy.

SHAPE STRETCH for Physical Therapy


Golf Stretching

The Shape Stretch is an unparalleled resource for golf stretching. Utilize our 18 fundamental positions and engage in specialized golf exercises that effectively loosen the muscles involved in swing takeaways and follow throughs.


Quality Equipment for Serious Athletes

The Shape Stretch Bar is designed to meet the high standards of athletes, ensuring toughness and strength. Crafted with carbon steel, this bar is built to withstand even the most intense workouts without bending or warping. Its stability provides a reliable foundation for executing challenging stretching positions across various sports movements.

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  • Static Stretching

    Rejuvenate your body with static stretching exercises, increase your range of motion and reduce muscle soreness. Release tension across your lower body.

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  • Active Isolated Stretching

    Unlock the potential of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and experience its incredible benefits. Enhance your range of motion, flexibility, and athletic performance.

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  • MYSTRETCHBAR laying stretch

    Dynamic Stretching

    Experience the advantages of dynamic stretching. Boost blood flow, increase joint mobility, and promote muscle activation for optimal performance.

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Reviews from Industry Professionals

Dr. Raymond Bartolo testing the Shape Stretch Bar

Dr. Eric Price - M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, Orlin & Cohen

Dr. Eric Price, M.D.

Orlin & Cohen and Northwell Health Systems

"The Shape Stretch Bar is a brilliantly designed and highly effective piece of equipment."

Dr. Raymond Cecora - Doctor of Physical Therapy, Park PT & Syosset Athletic Training

Dr. Raymond Cecora, DPT, CPT

Park PT and Syosset Athletic Training

"By using the Shape Stretch Bar for assisted stretching, the physical therapist is more efficient. It cuts down the amount of time we have to spend on someone to get an effective stretch".

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Dr. Raymond Bartolo - Chiropractor, All American Medical Supply

Dr. Raymond Bartolo, DC

All American Medical Supply

"I've never seen anything like this...It helped me get a 25% increase in my own flexibility".

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Dr. Michael Masaracchio - Ph.D & Doctor of Physical Therapy, Long Island University

Dr. Michael Masaracchio, PT, DPT, PHD

Professor of PT, Director, Long Island University Department of Physical Therapy and LIU Anatomy Lab

"The Shape Stretch is a user-friendly, dynamic tool that can augment mobility, flexibility, and performance in all individuals".

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