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SHAPE STRETCH for Functional Flexibility

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Flexibility Training for Athletic Performance

We provide school, college, and club athletes & coaches functional flexibility training seminars that teach stretching techniques for their specific sport.

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Shape Stretch for Athlete Training

Yoga Poses Made Easy

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Physical Therapy Applications

In the PT office, Shape Stretch facilitates self-guided stretching for pre treatment warm ups.

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"In today’s world insurance doesn’t cover enough therapy visits to create a lasting change."

" If a patient isn’t doing passive stretching, active stretching, on their own at home, the muscles are just going to tighten up again, especially 2-joint superficial muscles- the hamstrings, the hip flexor, the bicep, the gastrocnemius". -- Read the full interview >

Dr. Raymond Cecora, DPT - Owner, Park Physical Therapy, Massapequa, NY


"By using the Shape Stretch Bar for assisted stretching, you increase the lever arm so you don’t have to create so much force to assist it.

The assisted stretch creates a lot more force, that in turn stretches the soft tissue, which in turn elongates the muscle --- the whole point- the only point of the stretch." -- Read the full interview >

Dr. Raymond Cecora, DPT, CPT - Owner, Park Physical Therapy, Massapequa, NY

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Stretching & Flexibility Innovation

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Static Stretching

Shape Stretch can help you execute static stretching seamlessly. Shape Stretch works like a flexibility trainer to stabilize your body while stretching. Static stretching is an effective, low intensity technique for increasing ROM (range of motion) of a joint. Recommended for beginner stretching and overall wellness.

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Active Stretching

Shape Stretch facilitates active stretching for quick warm ups. Shape Stretch provides stabilization for stretching movements. Active approaches use the static stretching positions with a series of contractions and relaxations that improve ROM (range of motion). Excellent for intermediate stretching. Use for yoga warmups and recovery training.

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Perpetual Movement Stretching (Dynamic)

Shape Stretch allows clients to control and listen to their body for an incredible dynamic stretching experience using perpetual movement (PM). Execute the PM stretching technique once comfortable with static and active. Excellent for warm-ups before athletics.

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