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Self Stretching Programs

In the gym, at home, or in the PT office, Shape Stretch facilitates self-guided flexibility training.


Rules of Shape Stretching

Never Stretch an Injury or Damaged Tissue. Always consult your doctor before starting a stretching program.

• Stretch Slowly and Fluidly.

No Pain Principle, never any pain, just a pleasant feeling of Stretch Awareness.

Static (passive) Stretching for wellness plus after training and competitions.

Active Stretching before workouts & sports and after for recovery.

Perpetual Movement (dynamic) Stretching before competition and sports.

Exhale into the stretch to release tension and synchronize breathing with movement.

Stretch more tight or restricted side until it matches the other side, or until no further gains.

Feeling Pain means STOP STRETCHING and see a Doctor!

Shape Stretch Integrated Approach to Flexibility

Based on NASM Stretching and Flexibility Coaching (SFC) Techniques

Shape Stretch Founder John DiMarco, Ph.D. is a NASM Certified Stretching and Flexibility Coach

Static Stretching

Shape Stretch can help you execute static stretching seamlessly. Shape Stretch works like a flexibility trainer to stabilize your body while stretching. Static stretching is an effective, low intensity technique for increasing ROM (range of motion) of a joint. Recommended for beginner stretching and overall wellness.

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Active Stretching

Shape Stretch facilitates active stretching for quick warm ups. Shape Stretch provides stabilization for stretching movements. Active approaches use the static stretching positions with a series of contractions and relaxations that improve ROM (range of motion). Excellent for intermediate stretching. Use for yoga warmups and recovery training.

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Perpetual Movement Stretching (Dynamic)

Shape Stretch allows clients to control and listen to their body for an incredible dynamic stretching experience using perpetual movement (PM). Execute the PM stretching technique once comfortable with static and active. Excellent for warm-ups before athletics.

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