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About Shape Stretch

John DiMarco Ph.D. invented MYSTRETCHBAR in 2016.

Inventor John DiMarco examining factory samples. 

The Company Story

Shape Stretch started in 2017 in Massapequa, New York.

  • In 2017, the product was invented by John DiMarco, Ph.D., a 20+ year designer, educator, and information scientist, in his basement, to help him fully regain his flexibility and active lifestyle after turning 40 and losing flexibility. He researches and buys a few stretching products, but nothing has the stability he needs to stretch with confidence and consistency at different positions.
  • Dr. DiMarco begins to research peer reviewed articles looking for data and recommendations on the benefits of assisted stretching, termed in physical therapy as "passive" stretching. 
  • DiMarco realizes that there are no portable, strong, but light products that can stabilize while performing assisted stretching. He continues researching and begins working on physical designs.
  • In 2017, initial existing product design research reveals that stretch straps and stretch bands are not rigid enough to sustain standing stability and peak balance during stretching.
  • 2018, Product prototypes for a stretching bar based on geometry are produced and research on user benefits continue.
  • 2019 Final product designs are completed, US patent is filed.
  • 2020 Educational materials are finalized based on recommendations from experts in Physical therapy, Athletic training, Martial Arts, and Chiropractic  – the ShapeStretch System is born.
  • 2021 Design patent #D910,126S is issued for a body stretching bar.




     Laying hip stretch 

    A teacher was sick of being sore.

    Born in 2017, three years in development and issued a patent in 2021, Shape Stretch was made to help make stretching easy, more effective, and accessible to all people, regardless of location and physical limitations. Shape Stretch has a goal to revolutionize stretching for the masses through better design.

     " I set out to create a better tool for stretching. So I studied motions in fitness, athletics, and golf positions to understand how stretching is being done by trainers, athletes, and fitness coaches. After my research, I realized I could innovate a better solution for stretching that did not require a trainer – based on geometry and stability, rather than resistance. That's when I designed Shape Stretch"

    Soreness stops you from doing the things you love — it really slows you down! I'm an educator and designer who is on his feet and very active with recreation, work, and family. By the time I reached my 40's, I seemed to be sore all the time. My legs and back ached after I played golf, tennis, basketball, walked the dog, played with the kids, or climbed stairs to get to my classes on campus — anytime I did some physical activities I was sore! I wanted and needed to be more flexible. And I wanted flexibility all the time, as a recovery remedy after I was already aching, and when I wanted to just feel better with everyday activities. I needed a tool for stretching anywhere that offered multiple stretches from various positions, that I could use within a few minutes. My goal was to stretch so that I could reprogram my muscles to be looser and flexible all the time, so soreness never has a chance to take hold.  

     DiMarco using first prototype in his yard.