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About Us

Our company name is MyStretchBar, and our family owned company manufactures ShapeStretch™ Personal Stretching System. The product includes a uniquely designed stretch out bar called ShapeStretchBar™, which is used for stretching, flexibility, and wellness by athletes, working people, and seniors. 

The ShapeStretch System with MYSTRETCHBAR is the ONLY stretching device and educational system that allows you to stretch effectively from five different positions: sitting, standing, laying, kneeling, and lunge.

Shape stretch positions

ShapeStretchBar™ is MADE IN THE USA. 

The Company Story

 MyStretchBar (DBA) started in 2017 in Massapequa, New York.

  • In 2017, the product was invented by John DiMarco, Ph.D., a 20+ year designer, educator, and information scientist, in his basement, to help him fully regain his flexibility and active lifestyle after turning 40 and losing flexibility. He tries to stretch on his own but needs assistance. He researches and buys a few stretching products, but nothing has the stability he needs to stretch with confidence and consistency at different positions.
  • Dr. DiMarco begins to research peer reviewed articles looking for data and recommendations on the benefits of assisted stretching, termed in physical therapy as "passive" stretching. 
  • DiMarco realizes that there are no portable, strong, but light products that can stabilize while stretching. He continues researching and begins working on physical designs.
  • In 2017, initial product design research reveals that stretch straps and stretch bands are not rigid enough to sustain standing stability and peak balance during stretching.
  • 2017, in the recovery world, trainer-assisted stretching moves beyond the PT office and becomes novel at recovery chains like Massage Envy and Stretching Studios. Stretching becomes cultural and the physical benefits are widely reported on. To learn more about stretching, review our stretching article database --> Here

The Products

Our products are sold to seniors, working people, and athletes through retail partners who are experts in helping people with fitness, wellness, and rehabilitation. We are product developers and a design firm at our heart so although we offer our products here on this website, please visit our retailers to demo SHAPESTRETCH get the the lowest prices available and superb end user service.

John DiMarco Ph.D. invented MYSTRETCHBAR in 2016.


The evolution of innovative stretching equipment - MYSTRETCHBAR - based on geometry, for the best assisted stretching experience!

  • In 2017, prototypes for a "stretch out bar" are made from acrylic, copper, and aluminum. 
  • DiMarco's wife asks...what is that thing you are making...DiMarco replied, "it's My Stretch Bar", and that is how the name was born.
  • In 2018, initial design prototypes of MYSTRETCHBAR are presented to professionals with credentials in chiropractic, physical therapy, and athletic training. Responses were positive and the the latest equipment design for MYSTRETCHBAR is created using a patented geometric shape in high quality steel with custom welds and double powder coat finish in an assortment of colors.
  • In 2019, The ShapeStretch Personal Stretching System is developed to integrate MYSTRETCHBAR with a set of exercise routine cards that are laminated for easy cleaning, accessory carry bag, and online educational content specifically focused on helping athletes, working people, and seniors stretch easier and with better results. The system purchase includes a voucher for a customized personal stretching routine generated by StretchCoach™ software. The routines are full color and include stretches without assistance and stretches with assistance using the Shape Stretch System and MYSTRETCHBAR.
  • In 2020, MYSTRETCHBAR and The Shape Stretch System began retail and wholesale distribution to medical supply stores, general health retailers, and fitness equipment retailers both in-store and online.
  • In 2020, All American Medical Supply in Massapequa becomes a retail and online reseller selling MyStretchBar and the ShapeStretch Personal Stretching System.

 Laying hip stretch