The ShapeStretchBar™ helps people stretch and feel flexible again and again.

Our customers love it!  -- Our story is one of creative problem solving and the desire to help people feel better by using stretching!

People of different ages and flexibility levels have been using the ShapeStretchBar™ to gain flexibility and stretch better. The results were incredible. Our user found better alignment, control, education, and confidence when stretching. Even those new to stretching loved it!

"It makes stretching a fun way to exercise. As you get older it's harder to get into some positions. The stretch bar motivates me to stretch more at home or at work to alleviate stress, enhance flexibility, develop muscle tone while reducing soreness throughout my body. I don't have to rely on someone else to increase range of motion of my stretches. The stretch bar and I can do that on its own. It's a borderline genius apparatus." - Ron, Ames Physical Education & Massapequa Wrestling

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