The Shape Stretch System and MYSTRETCHBAR™ help people stretch and feel flexible again and again.

Our customers love it!  -- Our story is one of creative problem solving and the desire to help people feel better by using stretching!

People of different ages and flexibility levels have been using the ShapeStretch System with MystretchBar to gain flexibility and stretch better. The results were incredible. Our user found better alignment, control, education, and confidence when stretching. Even those new to stretching loved it!

- Tom, 63

"This really helped my back. I feel the stretch right away and can use it it in so many positions".

- Margaret, 56

"I love that I can do these deep lunges, they really loosen my hip and quads".

- Tommy, 26

"I can really feel it and get deep in the stretch. I'll use it after a long time in the car". 

Dr. Ray, Retired Chiropractor, 50

"My flexibility increased by 25% in a few days of usage".

Richie, 70

"I work as a carpenter and painter and am on my knees bending and reaching all day long. Getting a good stretch after work on the couch or in the home gym really loosens me up".

MYSTRETCHBAR is great for folk of all ages.