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Brooke Shields Just Shared Easy New Stretches That Feel Amazing After Sitting All Day

Writer: NICOL NATALE | Outlet: Prevention

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This time, Shields focused on stretching the glutes and lower back. "Should I be stretching every day?" she asked Okafor, who responded, "Yes. And don't think of it as an hour thing or a thirty-minute thing, just five minutes."


Whether you stretch in the morning or after work, Okafor said just 5-10 minutes is enough to loosen up your muscles every day. He also noted that people have been spending a lot more time sitting during the coronavirus pandemic. "Glutes get weak and tight, hamstrings get weak and tight, lower back gets tight, too," he said. "My lower back is tight," Shields added.


"So, we're going to work on loosening up the lower back," Okafor said, and the two got to work.