Colorado Springs fitness coach has 1 step to never skip

Writer: AMANDA HANCOCK | Outlet: The Gazette

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Whether you’re running, rock climbing or rollerblading for exercise, there’s one step you don’t want to skip.


And it’s one many people move right past: stretching.


Take it from Nichole Rae, a fitness and lifestyle coach based in Colorado Springs, who says stretching is just as important as nutrition or strength training.

“And so many people bypass it,” she said. “They’re just like, ‘What’s the point?’”


That kind of question makes Rae, 45, shake her head. Along with helping people build healthy eating and exercise habits, Rae says a “huge part” of her coaching business is teaching people how to stretch and the value of it.


“I tell almost every single person I talk to how important it is,” she said. “It’s one way to make ourselves better.”


That goes for the body and mind. Benefits of stretching, she says, includes quicker recovery between workouts, reducing the risk for injury, better posture, managing pain patterns and improving sleep.


The biggest benefit of stretching, Rae says, is reducing stress.


“We, as people, are stressed to the freakin’ max,” she said. “So most people don’t take any time to stretch or breathe. They find it overwhelming to carve out 10 minutes for themselves for that.”


But those 10 minutes could change your mood that day and your health forever.


One of Rae’s most popular services is “stretch therapy,” which helps people learn safe ways to improve range of motion.