Experts Explain How To Modify Your Yoga Poses The ‘Right’ Way

Writer: JAY POLISH | Outlet: Bustle

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Not every yoga pose works the same way for everybody. Your child's pose might not look like your instructor's because that's just not the way your body is shaped, or you might not be able to settle into Warrior II because of that old knee injury. If your down dog doesn't seem to look like "everyone else's," you're probably not be doing it wrong — you might just need to modify the poses to fit your body. But since your online yoga instructor can't walk you through it in real time, it's hard to know how to modify yoga poses for yourself.


Though there is no one right way to practice, mainstream fitness culture often makes it seem like yoga is only for people with very particular types of bodies and abilities. But the reality is much more nuanced than that. "We were all born with unique body types and it is our job to honor that uniqueness on the yoga mat," says Ivorie Jenkins, a yoga and meditation instructor for yoga platform and livestream service Glo. "Modifications help you to honor and accept exactly where you are in your practice."