ShapeStretch Product Registration

Please register your SHAPESTRETCH product here.

Your SHAPESTRETCH, MYSTRETCHBAR, and LOOSEGOLF product is warrantied against the steel bar bending, weld breaks, or warping under normal conditions. Damage due to abuse, use over time (for cards and manuals) are not covered. Customer pays return shipping to our return location in NY.

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Request Replacement Parts

Please email us if you need replacement parts. Please send the information below to please register your product before requesting parts

  • Date of purchase
  • Model: MYSTRETCHBAR or LooseGolf
  • Name of purchaser
  • Email
  • Address to send parts to:
  • Product color: pink, white, black or custom
  • Purchase location: online, retail, gym, golf shop, physical therapy office
  • What you need: replacement stretch card, caps, grips, or stickers. We will contact you if there are any costs. Most replacement parts are shipped free of charge to our valued clients.