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Wellness Center Bundle - Pink Shape Stretch - (2) Body Stretch Bars and 24 x 36" Stretch Guide

Wellness Center Bundle - Pink Shape Stretch - (2) Body Stretch Bars and 24 x 36" Stretch Guide

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Build Flexibility and Performance with the Shape Stretch Bar - The ultimate assisted stretching equipment for athletes, working people, and seniors!

The Body Stretching Bar for Everyone!

Commercial Quality Stretching Equipment that replaces stretch out Straps.

2 Pack For Gyms, Clinics, and Schools - Your SHAPE STRETCH FLEXIBILITY SYSTEM includes the Shape Stretch Bar...the ultimate stretching tool for wellness centers, fitness spaces and gyms, workouts, therapy stretching, yoga & Pilates, team sports, golf & tennis, senior flexibility, and recovery. You get the Large 36 x 24 inch stretching center display, plus 12 x 18 Stretching poster to execute 18 different stretches from 5 core positions: sitting, standing, laying, kneeling, and lunging. The poster is printed on synthetic material for easy cleaning. You get free access to online videos with stretch routines, a stretching article library, and stretching demonstrations that educate you and motivate you to get more flexible in just a few uses.

Your SHAPESTRETCH™ Multi-Pack product package includes:

  • (2) Shape Stretch ONE PIECE Steel Stretch Out Bain PINK (30 inches / 3 lbs)
  • (2) Premium Soft Foam grips (black)
  • (1) Large 24 x 36 stretching center guide with stand
  • (2) 12 x 18 Poster - Guide to Stretching with 18 full body stretches
  • (2) Assessment strip to measure flexibility positions
  • Commercial-grade - Hi-Strength Steel Construction with White coat
  • No-slip Rubber Foot Caps
  • Includes online instructional videos at
    NOTE: Device to watch instructional content not included. Access to online instructional content requires a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Images below show product in use and includes 2 bars.

PRODUCT DISCLAIMER/WAIVER : By purchasing this product, you are receiving personal training equipment and advice on stretching and flexibility – Just as you would if you were being treated by a personal trainer, fitness coach, or physical therapist, who all require waivers. -- When "buying this product" you understand that it will not cure or treat any conditions. You understand stretching has major benefits and some risks for people who are pregnant, those who have chronic injuries, and for those who have received surgeries. You also also understand that over stretching may cause DOMS, Delayed onset muscle soreness, which is a temporary condition. You agree to waive your rights to hold the manufacturer, the designers & inventors, company agents, owners, trainers, and employees responsible in the case of any conditions that occur when using this product. You agree and consent that you have consulted a doctor before use and are physically able to perform exercises using The Shape Stretch Bar.


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