Stretching Articles

Gyms are among the most complained about industries, according to customer data

Writer: DALVIN BROWN | Outlet: USA TODAY ---->

After the pandemic many companies and industries had to adapt their customer service challenges. While some companies and industries were able to adapt others were not--fitness being one of them. 

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A Physical Therapist Shared the 10-Minute Routine He Does Every Night to Sleep Better

Writer: PHILIP ELLIS | Outlet: MensHealth ----> 

CrossFit trainer and MobilityWOD founder Kelly Starrett shares his evening 10 minute soft tissue work and breathing exercises.  

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5 Essential Steps for Shedding Fat and Transforming your Body for Life

Writer: RACHEL HOSIE | Outlet: Insider ---->

Fad diets may help in losing weight but rarely result in maintaining that weight loss. Follow these five key steps to stay in shape for good.  

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Back Pain Remedies: This Stretching Routine Can Be Completed In Just 5 Minutes-Try It Now!

Writer: GARIMA ARORA | Outlet: NDTV ---->

Long hours of sitting can lead to back pain. Doing these stretching exercises can help rid or alleviate your chronic back pain. 

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